It doesn’t matter.

I can find another way:

I’ll try to cross the water

and if I can’t, I’ll call the

sun for some help.

I’m not afraid, I want to

feel that everything is all right.

I’m sure I’ll make it,

there are so many options that

I could choose one of them,

without thinking to much,

that I’d get there. I’m free.

I’m happy. I’m in love.

The world is a good place to be,

the sun is the best we could

ever have. It doesn’t matter

if it hurts sometimes. It is

worth; it is fine. I love it.

Let’s try to take care of it.

Let’s try to keep it as magical

as it is. It is worth, I promise.

I just have to find another way.

Ana Somriures

Ann Rubio Creació, English posts, Poesia , , ,

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