First scene:
narrator:  One upon a time, some children were celebrating the birthday of Any. Any was very happy and fun  for 11 years old and was celebrating with friends, Jessy, John, Tom and Zak. Any prepared her  feast with much illusion. The first thing she did was a great  hideout in the forest:

Jessy/Cristina- Any come with me to hide and wait for Tom – he said Jessy Any best friend.

narrator:  Then Jessy and Any went to hide in a hollow tree.

Any/Ana – It’s dark and we go here a long time, to save and when done shouting- Any Jessy said.

narrator : Jessy left. Any Meanwhile,  was bored of waiting, left the tree and tripped and fell into ahole. Shewas left senseless and waking ….

Second scene

narrator : Any Was found in a cave. It is very dark and big. She got up and started walking in the footsteps which she had earlier. Any continued to walk to reach the entrance of the castle. She entered a room and it was giant! o no. Any saw a couch in the back of the room.  An ogre was sleeping on the couch.

Any/Ana -Now  what can I do, I’m lost.  I fell in a hole and I am in a castle of an ogre – Any whispered.
NARRATOR: Any started walking towards the phone when suddenly … the ogre woke up.
Ogre/Pablo :- Who dares to wake me up when I’m taking a nap? – The ogre roared.

Narrator:Then theogregrabbedAnyand locked her inthedarkestroomof the castleshouting thatfrom thattime on she was hisservant.

Any complained:

Any/Ana -The day ofmy partyan Ogre locks me  in a room withonlya pieceof bread and aglass of water –


Third scene
Tom: where is any – ask tom.
Zack: I do not know. She is the only one that needed to be saved – Zack said.
Jonh: You know something – Addressing Jonh said Jessy.
Jessy: That is, I had hidden with her and she told me to come and save her. I looked where we had hidden and she was not there.

Tom: Okay we will see if there is any hollow tree nearby – said Tom.
Narrator: They all began to lookfor a tree that they were told was nearby. They found the tree but there was an anonymous note that Any was in danger.
Zack: Or look at this – Zack exclaimed when he saw the note.
Tom: Run we go to the beach to save her – said TOM.
Narrator: Everyone went to the beach and found Any in the SAND.

fourth scene
Narrator : Any was happy to see her friends when she woke up.  Any told her friends about the story she had lived. When Jessy left to explore,  a fairy appeared .
Any: Thank you for saving me – Any said.
cristina la hada: Anything you deserved because you are very good – answered the fairy.
Narrator : And together with the Fairy but not Jessy , they finished the feast.



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